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Bundesliga: There's so much more I dare to do – Sallai

Roland Sallai doesn't slow down after his goal. Freiburg's forward wants to make the most out of the season, and he honestly spoke about his experiences on the match against Bayern München.

It's also good for the national team that Roland Sallai (right) is a stable starter in Freiburg (Photo: Getty Images)

– On Wednesday, you scored a quite similar goal as you did against Schalke earlier. Can we say chip shot is your specialty?

– I always try to gauge my opportunities when I'm in position, and luckily, I made the right decision against both Schalke and Eintracht Frankfurt, told our portal Roland Sallai, who is Freiburg's Hungarian forward. He scored a goal against Frankfurt (2-2) with a fantastic chip shot earning his fifth goal in the current Bundesliga season. – Unfortunately, Wednesday's game didn't start well for me because I was getting treated in the beginning. I moved heavily for ten minutes after being kicked, but luckily the game went smoothly afterwards.

– Was it a fair result against Frankfurt?

– Our rivals surprised us, let alone that in the sixth minute we received a goal. After that, we found ourselves and turned the game around. We were a bit unlucky as Frankfurt equalized with a lucky goal, which wasn't expected. That's why we were a little annoyed with the lost points. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is still great in the team, we form a great family and try to learn from these matches.


The spring season starts with a special clash: Borussia Mönchengladbach hosts Borussia Dortmund (BVB). No one should be fooled by the positions of the two teams on the league table. Gladbach, led by Marco Rose, proved its competitiveness by defeating Bayern München (2-3) while the unbeaten-for-two-games BVB's win (3-1) against Leipzig indicates that they didn't give upon the championship title. Mönchengladbach fans may be particularly concerned that Dortmund have won their last 12 games against their team. Among them is the five-goal success in September 2017, when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored three goals in 15 minutes, and his team didn't stop until the 6–1 knockout. Their previous encounter was a safe victory for Dortmund once again: Erling Haaland's double and Giovanni Reyna's goal lead to a 3-0 win in September last year. So Mönchengladbach has something to fight back for, and head coach Marco Rose is preparing for an important match. The head coach, born in Leipzig, is the number 1 candidate for the Dortmund bench this summer, so it cannot be ruled out that he could prove himself against his future employer on Friday night.

– You seem to be swelling with confidence which is understandable since you prove yourself in Freiburg round by round.

– Yes! I feel confident, so I'm relaxed on the field. Maybe a year ago I couldn't have afforded it, but there's so much more I dare to do now. To do that, I had to score and assist with goals. Now everything is in place in Freiburg, but I know that I cannot lay back. I must work hard, only then can I score more goals.

– You've been performing well with your team. Out of the last nine Bundesliga matches, you only lost to Bayern München, but you showed your abilities there as well on Sunday. How did it feel to play on the home field of the defending champion?

– It's incredible to play against Bayern München. It always turns out that there's much to learn from the stars of the Bavarian club. At the same time, it's possible to play relaxed football because the burden of pressure is on the defending champion. We did great against them, we had our opportunities, and were worthy opponents of the more famous rivals. I enjoyed the “clash” in Munich very much.

– You're halfway through the tournament. You've stressed repeatedly that the team's primary goal is to avoid relegation. Do you have personal plans?

– I don't want to make predictions about how many goals I expect from myself in the future. I play well now which the goals and assists reflect. I'm a perfectionist, and I know that I cannot slow down. I'll do my best to make the most out of the season. After round 34, we'll see what that was enough for.

(Translated by Vanda Orosz)

Borussia Mönchengladbach –Borussia Dortmund (TV: Sport1)

Augsburg – Union Berlin
3.30pm: Arminia Bielefeld – Eintracht Frankfurt
3.30pm: Freiburg – VfB Stuttgart
3.30pm: Bayer Leverkusen – Wolfsburg
3.30pm: Mainz – RB Leipzig (TV: Sport2)
3.30pm: Hertha BSC – Werder Bremen (TV: Sport2)

Schalke 04 – Bayern München (TV: Sport2)
6pm: Hoffenheim –1. FC Köln (TV: Sport2)


  1. Bayern München 17 12 3 2 49–25 +24 39
  2. RB Leipzig 17 10 5 2 29–14 +15 35
  3. Bayer Leverkusen 17 9 5 3 32–17 +15 32
  4. Borussia Dortmund 17 9 2 6 33–22 +11 29
  5. Wolfsburg 17 7 8 2 26–19   +7 29
  6. Union Berlin 17 7 7 3 32–21 +11 28
  7. Mönchengladbach 17 7 7 3 31–26   +5 28
  8. Eintracht Frankfurt 17 6 9 2 30–26   +4 27
  9. Freiburg 17 6 6 5 31–28   +3 24
10. VfB Stuttgart 17 5 7 5 32–27   +5 22
11. Hoffenheim 17 5 4 8 25–30   –5 19
12. Augsburg 17 5 4 8 17–26   –9 19
13. Werder Bremen 17 4 6 7 19–25   –6 18
14. Hertha 17 4 5 8 23–28   –5 17
15. Arminia Bielefeld 17 5 2 10 13–24 –11 17
16. 1. FC Köln 17 3 6 8 15–28 –13 15
17. Mainz 17 1 4 12 15–36 –21   7
18. Schalke 04 17 1 4 12 14–44 –30   7
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