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2017.01.21. 12:09
Courtney Black személyi edzőként dolgozik, igazi hírnevet azonban az Instagram-oldala hozott a brit hölgynek, aki most őszinte vallomásával magára szabadította a trollhadsereget.

Coutney Black a közösségi oldalán vallott nemrég, és elismerte, egészségügyi problémái voltak, olyan sovány volt. Egy kis segítséggel és egészséges táplálkozással azonban újra jól érzi magát a bőrében, és reméli, a követői sem bánják, hogy átalakult a kinézete.

I was going to post this tonight but I'm just too impatient Looking back at my old youtube videos and my own personal transformation story. Now not all the videos are backed up on my computer (you can see all the old ones on my channel) but these are a few I could find. Its crazy to notice how much muscle I have gained due to hard work, training and eating right. I am so driven to carry on my progress in 2017 and years and years to come. I want to help girls achieve the body and lifestyle they desire and have so many exciting new ideas. For now please do support me by subscribing to my youtube channel where I am posting footage regularly. Workouts, vlogs the lot. I hope you enjoyed this short transformation video showing how far I have come and thank you for supporting my journey all 132k of you! Lets get me to that 150 mark!

Utóbbi kijelentéssel azonban magára szabadította a trollhadsereget, a 133 ezer követő közül rengetegen írtak üzenetet, és kommenteltek a képek alá, és követelik, fogyjon le újra Black kisasszony, úgy ugyanis jobban nézett ki.

check it out @womensbest

Bár természetesen nem érintette jól a brit modellt a kritika, nem foglalkozik a trollokkal, és történetével próbál segíteni a hasonló problémával küzdő embereken.

Need to put all these extra calories to good use today in a sweaty gym session... first one since last Thursday wish me luck! @womensbest #womensbest

My mum just surprised me that our family holiday is a cruise that goes to Dubai, Singapore etc so excited !! I'm still young (20) but I can't see myself ever going on family holidays well maybe if they start charging me

Today's leg day was brutal - I filmed it all for my YouTube channel. Now time for my mid day clients, cardio then more clients until 10pm. Love my job

Love adding one scoop of @womensbest strawberry collagen powder to my shakes tastes delishhhhh #womensbest ... starting clients now until 10pm... all emails will be replied to in the morning

Had enough of eating whatever I want and not taking my diet seriously. I was pretty lean here using my @womensbest #womensbest collage protein and supps. I want to get lean for summer. Building a big booty doesn't really bother me anymore because I don't like the excess fat you get when bulking. I wanna be team tight for summer ... hello lean bean gains

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