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Video: A real armory of guns was hidden in the cellar of the Grosics House in 1956

For the new Budapest Football Tales series, we visited Serleg Street on Gellért Hill that was also the home to several national team footballers during the Golden Team era. From the mid-50s, Gyula Grosics lived in the dead end of that street at House no.3 that became a notable scene during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. A real armory of guns was hidden in the goalkeeper’s cellar.

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English K. P.

Nemzeti Sport Online found out that the blue-whites have agreed with FC Dallas.

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According to the British press, Liverpool and Tottenham had a seamless trip to Budapest.

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„I think in people’s mind we won in 1980.”

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Consciousness and unbroken development lead Gulácsi, Orbán and Szoboszlai’s club to the European elite.

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„We're at the door of the eighth finals with one foot, but we haven't advanced yet.”