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Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB): Sándor Wladár is elected vice president of MOB

The Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB) held a general assembly in the Puskás Aréna. In addition to other items on the agenda, Sándor Wladár was elected vice president of the organization to succeed Gábor Schmidt, who left to take up the position of undersecretary of State for Sports.

Sándor Wladár is the new Vice President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO OPEN GALLERY (Photos: Csaba Dömötör)

The General Assembly of the Hungarian Olympic Committee on November 26 started with the report of the President of the organization, Zsolt Gyulay, on the period since the last General Assembly at the end of May. It was then followed by the acceptance of the reports on the agenda and the goals and guidelines for the next year, as well as the decision on the participation in the 2023 Olympic events and the 2024 Olympic events. Furthermore, the Supervisory Board's audit plan for 2023 was approved.

After that, the most important item on the agenda was the election of the new vice president. Only Sándor Wladár, President of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, applied for the position. He was elected by 75 votes in favor, 5 against, and 3 abstentions.

"Being the vice president of the Parliament of Sports is a pleasing responsibility and opportunity," Wladár said to his friends and comrades-in-arms. “When I became Olympic champion in Moscow, I thought I was somebody. Since then, I have realized that as an Olympic champion I have a duty to serve Hungarian sports and my country. I would like our future champions to do the same."

The new vice president added that as a Board member, he will now humbly serve Hungarian Olympism as vice president, too. He thanked the government for its attention and support and stressed that he would like it to continue to do so for Hungarian sports in the future as well. He added that the future generation often turns to other directions rather than to sports, so looks can be more deceiving than real value. However, he believes it is his duty to give them the knowledge and the example he can set so that they can become successful athletes and role models as well. He calls for closer cooperation between MOB and the sports disciplines, sharing experiences and filling the relationship with real content. He believes that the new management, with Zsolt Gyulay at the helm, has taken the right steps forward.

"I was a bad kid, but I protected the girls and the weaker ones," concluded Wladár with a personal reflection. “I have kept this trait, and I try to stand up for what is good and protect it at all costs."

András Becsky was elected as a member of the Supervisory Board by 74 votes in favor, 3 against, and 2 abstentions.


What are your plans for the job after your appointment?
– As Vice President, I will have an even greater, heavier responsibility to serve Olympism and those successful sports that have been decisive in the history of Hungarian sports. We have to preserve the social recognition and the good reputation. We must also maintain the attention and support of the government. Even in the current difficult social situation – the post-coronavirus pandemic, the spike in energy prices – we also have the task of planting the idea in the minds of young people that it is indeed worth playing sports because they can become iconic figures, social heroes.

How honored are you to have been elected Vice President?
– Twenty or thirty years after my gold medal in Moscow, I realized that it was a responsibility. As an Olympic champion, you owe your sport, Hungarian sports and your country, especially when you receive a substantial Olympic annuity. We have to appreciate this and help where we can. We have to raise awareness of sports. It's a great honor to be elected vice president.

How is the role of vice president different from your current role as a Board member?
– I have more power and weight to express my views and opinions than before, and I have to be much more immersed in the problems and situations of the different sports. I have a lot to learn, like when I became president of the Hungarian Swimming Federation. I was studying twelve hours a day back then, just like the medical residents in the intensive care unit.

You were elected as vice president by secret ballot, with around a ninety-percent support. Do you think this is a tribute to the work of Hungarian swimmers and the swimming federation?

– Absolutely. I recently counted up the number of medals we have won in major world competitions in the last five years at adult and junior European and World Championships, and we are talking about the seventies. These are good results, which is obviously what my appointment was partially about. I am happy that we have become stronger and that I can represent the interests of Hungarian swimmers with greater strength.

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