Chema Rodríguez did not watch the match between Sweden and Portugal, which was a deciding one for team Hungary’s future

As we reported, Sweden defeated Portugal 32-30 in Group II of the Men's Handball World Championship main round, sending the Hungarian national team through to the last eight as group runners-up! Roland Mikler, Richárd Bodó and Adrián Sipos have already reacted to the news but it was a bit harder to get hold of national team head coach Chema Rodríguez, who reportedly fell asleep during the game that decided the Hungarian team's fate...

Chema Rodríguez is proud of his team (Photo: MKSZ/Anikó Kovács)


Did you really sleep through the Sweden- Portugal game?
– I was just trying! – told us head coach Chema Rodríguez after Sweden's successful match. – But I really didn't watch the game, I found out the result when our physical training coach Tord came to my room and told me that we were in the quarterfinals. We've had enough tension from our own games so far in the World Championship, and I didn't want to stress myself even more. I'm very proud of the guys.

We have reached our goal. What's next, do you have a new goal?
– We've qualified for the Olympic qualification tournament, but the next game is coming, just like before. We've fought to get here and now we're going to keep fighting in the same way, doing everything we can to get to the semifinals. Like I said, I don't like to set any limits for us!


Cape Verde–Hungary 30–42
Brazil–Iceland 37–41
Sweden–Portugal 32–30

   1. Sweden55164–133+31 10  
   2. HUNGARY532148–147+1 6  
   3.Iceland532169–158+11 6  
   4.Portugal5212146–133+13 5  
   5.Brazil5113138–151–13 3  
   6.Cape Verde
55138–181–43 0

Translated by Vanda Orosz

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