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We can see one of Fradi’s most successful periods over the last 100 years

Ferencváros, which won its fourth consecutive title, promoted from NB II (2009) and has won a total of five top-flight titles since 2016, is going through one of the most successful periods in its 123-year history. Only during the time of the founding president, Ferenc Springer, has it won more titles than in the past ten years. Interesting historical facts ahead.

Ferencváros can celebrate a league title for the fourth time in a row (Photo: Károly Árvai)


♦ Ferencváros' football team secured another top-flight title in round 29 with a 2–1 victory against Újpest FC. This is their fourth title in a row and 33rd overall. This year, the champion was inaugurated one round earlier than in the 2020-2021 season, but Fradi could still celebrate after the derby victory. On April 20 last year, the Green and Whites won 3-0 against the Purples; Tokmac Nguen scored in that match, just like in this one, but Myrto Uzuni, who doubled at the time, has since left Üllői út. At the same time, another big difference is that that match was held behind closed doors in the Groupama Aréna due to the coronavirus pandemic, compared to the current one with 20,155 spectators. Before 2021, Fradi became the champion in round 30 both in 2020 and 2019; they were able to celebrate in the match against Honvéd both times, although three years ago, Fradi was a gold medalist due to Vidi's stumble even before the opening whistle. The champion was decided earlier than round 29 in 2016, and even then could Fradi rejoice in round 28 although Debrecen defeated the team.

♦ It is surprising that, despite the early champion inauguration, Fradi will surely be in first place with fewer points than in the last two years. Even if it wins its remaining four games now, it will finish with 74 points, compared to the 78 points last year and the 76 points two years ago. The main reason for the difference is that the FTC has already lost five times this season, compared to only four times in the previous two.

With Sunday's victory, Ferencváros won the tenth derby in a row against Újpest.  A longer winning streak against Újpest – in terms of league and Hungarian Cup matches – was between 1905 and 1916 for Fradi, when the team won 15 times. However, Újpest has been winless – in 19 competitive matches in a row- against its great rivals since its 1-0 success in December 2015. This is unprecedented in the joint history of the two clubs. 


 In addition to this occasion, it happened once in the history of the club, founded on May 3, 1899, which is 123 years old next week, to have its footballers win at least four consecutive league titles in the first division. Between 1908 and 1912, FTC finished on top five times. Fradi can even achieve the feat of winning the Hungarian Cup in addition to the league this year, as last week it reached the final, where it will face Paksi FC on May 11.

After 2016, the same team can win the league and the cup, and FTC managed to double six years ago. At the time, German national Thomas Doll was the head coach, but during the period of Ukrainian coach Serhiy Rebrov, who replaced him, Dénes Dibusz and the team could not reach the final four. After Doll, Russia's Stanislav Cherchesov could become the second foreign coach to win a league and a Hungarian Cup final in Hungary in the same season.

This is the fourth time in Ferencváros' history that the club won the league in NBI under the guidance of a foreign coach. In addition, the current success also includes the work of two foreign coaches: in the fall, Peter Stöger of Austria sat on the bench for 15 matches. Previously, Doll won once (2016), Rebrov was victorious three times (2019, 2020, 2021) with the team that also won the Eastern group of NB II in 2009 with a foreign coach, Englishman Bobby Davison. If we look at the greatest achievements of the period since then – five NB I league titles, three Hungarian Cup victories, the Champions League and Europa League main draws – we can see how far Ferencváros has come in the last 13 years since it returned to the top division after being relegated in 2006.

♦ Gábor Kubatov has been managing the Ferencváros Torna Club since 2011. He is the 35th president in the club's history, according to the statistics of the tempofradi.hu (together with the executive presidents). Altogether with the five NB I titles and along with Béla Mailinger (1931-1944), he is the second most successful president of the club in terms of football – during the period of the club's founding president, Ferenc Springer (1899-1920), Ferencváros won the championship eight times.

♦ Dénes Dibusz has been a part of all five league titles in recent years. Based on the Tempó Fradi! report, in the last 100 years, besides Dr. György Sárosi, Gyula Lázár, and István Géczi, he is the fourth player to win five league titles with Ferencváros. (The record holders were Sándor Bródy, Ferenc Manglitz, and Ferenc Weisz with eight gold medals each from before the 1920s).

♦ In the 2021–2022 league season, 32 players have played for Ferencváros so far, and Tokmac Nguen played the most – 26 times. The squad members were born in 19 different countries.

Goalkeepers: Ádám Bogdán, Dénes Dibusz
Midfielders: Carlos Auzqui (Argentina), Fortune Bassey (Nigeria), Muhamed Bešić (Bosnia), Miha Blažič (Slovenia), Franck Boli (Ivory Coast), Endre Botka, Marijan Cabraja (Croatia), Eldar Ćivić (Bosnia), Dominik Csontos, Lasa Dvali (Georgia), Anderson Esiti (Nigeria), Željko Gavrić (Serbia), Ihor Kharatin (Ukraine), Adnan Kovačević (Bosnia), Aïssa Laïdouni (France, Tunisia), Stjepan Lončar (Bosnia), Róbert Mak (Slovakia), Marko Marin (Germany), Marquinhos (Brazil), Samy Mmaee (Belgium, Morocco), Ryan Mmaee (Belgium, Morocco), Tokmac Nguen (Kenya, Norway), Lóránd Pászka (Romania), Somália (Brazil), Regő Szánthó, Myrto Uzuni (Albania), Bálint Vécsei, Henry Wingo (USA), Kristoffer Zachariassen (Norway), Oleksandr Zubkov (Ukraine)

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