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It wasn't a smart swim... – Milák on his world record

Kristóf Milák is the world champion in the 200m butterfly at the World Aquatics Championships in Budapest. After his fantastic performance, he held a press conference, which you can watch on NSO TV. You can also read our interview below!

It wasn't a smart swim... – Milák (Photo: Szabolcs László)


Three years have passed since Milák's last world record.

„It was time to beat my own best. I didn't think it would come so early after a recent change of coaches – although I didn't quite get into a new environment because we worked together before, just not so often. The home crowd and my request to the commentators helped me make this amazing result even better.”

In our video, Milák reveals what his specific request to the Duna Aréna announcer was, but he also analyzes his own swimming (which he does not think was very smart due to the quick start). Milák then speaks about his future as well as his biggest opponent, Caeleb Dressel, in the 100m butterfly, who dropped out from the 100m freestyle competition.

Did you see this?
– What did Nándi do?

Nándi, or Nándor Németh, tied for eighth place in the semifinals of the 100-meter freestyle and won the swim-off with a national record of 47.69 seconds.
– With how many? I'm not going to say what came to mind first because you'll write it down...

Let's talk about the world record in the 200m butterfly instead!
– I do not know how I did it once again – I'm dead serious! When I entered the swimming pool and heard the ovation, it was great, and when I stood on the starting block, I felt like I was part of a dream. I just went with the flow, and I tried to do everything I planned as much as possible. It didn't work out so well...

– What?!
– Of course, I still have to analyze this final, but it is clear that I started much stronger than ever before, though my three other fifty meters were worse because of this. Therefore, if I look at it strictly professionally, it was not a good swim at all, let alone smart. But I am glad that I managed to swim a world record in front of a home crowd. By the way, if I did not let the experience in so much, if I did not let the spectators take me with them, I could have swum a better time. But that's okay, it'll get better later.

Which means you're trying to break 1:50.
– Do you know how many people have been telling me for a while that I should swim 1:49? Everyone keeps telling me to go under 1:50, and I'm on it, I'm working to make sure it happens as soon as possible. My goal is not to let this world record of mine last for many years. The previous one was almost three years old as well: before the World Championships, I was thinking that it was time to improve my personal best, but after the difficulties while preparing, I somehow did not feel the 1:50 time in myself. I was thinking about 1:51 the whole time, and then it became a world record. Most of all, I am glad I swam a world record in front of a home crowd.

Looks like you're awaiting the 100m butterfly in good form. Will the success and world record of the 200 give further energy to the shorter distance?
– And it would give me more if I didn't have to spend time giving interviews, but I could go straight to rest...

Caeleb Dressel has withdrawn from the 100m freestyle, but it is still unknown if he'll compete in the 100m butterfly. Is the uncertainty of whether you can clash with the American classic again affecting your preparation, your tuning in for the event?
– I'm not affected by it, but I really want Dressel to compete in the 100 butterfly. I'd treat him well as a host. Whether he's there or not, I'm going to stand on the starting block and do everything I can to get a good result. For the silver, the gold, or maybe the world record...

1. Kristóf Milák (HUNGARY) 1:50.34 mins – world record
2. Leon Marchand (France) 1:53.37
3. Honda Tomoru (Japan) 1:54.29
...6. Tamás Kenderesi (HUNGARY) 1:55.20

Translated by Vanda Orosz

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Nándor Németh is a finalist in the 100m freestyle with a national record in the swim-off • Kapás is a finalist in the 200m butterfly, and so is Kós in the 200m medley.