The Hungarian national U19 team defeated Scotland, and now they lead the group

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2022.03.27. 14:43
The Hungarian under-19 national football team defeated Scotland 3-0 in the European Championship qualifier and came close to participating in the continental tournament.
The goal scorer’s joy (Photo: Attila Török) – CLICKING ON THE PHOTO A GALLERY OPENS!
The goal scorer’s joy (Photo: Attila Török) – CLICKING ON THE PHOTO A GALLERY OPENS!

Hungary – Scotland 3–0 (2–0)
Alcufer Stadion,500spectators.Referee:Faruggia (Malta)
Hungary:Senkó – Szujó (Török, 81.), Alaxai, Á. Debreceni – M. Kovács (R. Horváth, 68.), A. Horváth, Simuț (Bényei, 57.), Benczenleitner – D. Németh (Kerezsi, 57.), O. Nagy – Vancsa (Zalán Gera, 81.).Head coach:Krisztián Tímár
Scotland:Hogarth – Devine, K. Smith (A. Awokoya-Mebude, in halftime), Murray, Mullen – Carse (Butterfield, 67.), Mi. Craig (Ma. Craig, 67.) – L. Smith (Apter, 82.), Lowry (McKinnon, 82.), Max Johnston – A. Brooks.Head coach:Billy Stark
Goal scorers:D. Németh (31. – penalty, 36.), R. Horváth (74.)
Krisztián Tímár:
“We planned and implemented a braver attacking game than the previous one because, in addition to the three goals, we also had opportunities. It is a special joy that we did not concede a goal in our second match either, and since the fight for the first place to qualify is fierce, every goal can be decisive. We are motivated and want to continue on this path.”

The other match in the group
Israel – Turkey 3–1(D. Turgeman 32., 35., Edri 66., and Elmaz 42. – penalty)

The Hungarian under-19 team, which played a draw with Israel (0-0) in their first match, continued the elite round of the European Championship qualification in Gyirmót. The game on Saturday evening did not seem easy as Scotland was the opponent that defeated the Turkish national team in the opening round.

At the beginning of the match, the Scottish team seemed really dangerous, especially when Adam Devine caused the Hungarian defense a disturbance on the right side, where the visitors reached the end line several times. Zsombor Senkó had to intervene so that the Hungarian team wouldn't be at a disadvantage, but soon, the interplay between Dániel Németh and Zalán Vancsa gave Krisztián Tímár's team a reassuring dominance. First, the MTK player signed by The City Football Group attained a penalty, and Dániel Németh from Lendava calmly utilized it.

A few minutes later, Zalán Vancsa caused another disturbance on the right side for the Scottish defense. After his pass, Dániel Németh could have scored immediately, but instead, he played himself completely clean with an impudent trick and doubled the Hungarian team's advantage from a close distance. It was a joyous turn of events, as in the first 30 minutes against the Scottish team that was forcing duels and body-to-body fights, Szombathely's Lucas Mario Simuț's shot was Hungary's only opportunity. On the other side, it was worth paying attention to Alex Lowry, who had already made his debut in the Rangers' senior team.

In the second half, the focus was that the Hungarian national team kept its advantage safely. Krisztián Tímár sent Rajmund Horváth on the pitch with great intuition, who scored the third Hungarian goal a few minutes later. Zalán Vancsa also played a role in this shot, who again proved that he is an outstanding talent of Hungarian football. He tricked the defenders again and put his partner in an unmissable opportunity.

This all means that after two matches, the Hungarian team has four points, and if they defeat Turkey – that will get eliminated anyways – on Tuesday, they can qualify for the final eight of the European Championship. Hungary's advancement also depends on the result of Israel, which has four points as well, and it would be a huge success to qualify!

Zsombor Senkó (Juventus – Italy), Zsombor Molnár (Vasas)
Defenders:Attila Szujó (Debreceni VSC), Márk Csinger (SPAL – Italy), Áron Alaxai (Puskás Akadémia), Kevin Török (Lecce – Italy), Ákos Debreceni (Szeged)
Midfielders:Mátyás Kovács (MTK Budapest), Artúr Horváth (MTK Budapest), Ágoston Bényei (Debreceni VSC), Barna Benczenleitner (Honvéd-MFA), Zalán Kerezsi (Honvéd-MFA), Lucas Mario Simuț (Haladás), Olivér Nagy (Soroksár), Barnabás Biben (Szentlőrinc), Dominik Sztojka (Vasas)
Attackers:Rajmund Horváth (Haladás), Zalán Gera (Ferencváros), Dániel Németh (Lendava – Slovenia), Zalán Vancsa (MTK Budapest)
Head coach:Krisztián Tímár

Translated by: Vanda Orosz

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