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If that wasn’t a penalty, I will go back to South Korea on foot – Martin Ádám

2022-09-28 13:35:56

After a day or two, the sadness is replaced by joy, says Martin Ádám who, before leaving for Ulsan - hopefully by plane, talked about the controversial situation, Ádám Szalai’s replacement, and his wonderful year.

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Marco Rossi: What we have achieved so far has earned us the respect of many

2022-09-15 22:38:48

The Hungarian national team met in Telki at noon on Monday as Marco Rossi's side began the preparations for the remaining two matches of the Nations League. We also spoke to the national team head coach about the summer break combined with work, team unity, and the objectives for the game against Germany and Italy. 12.00 Normal 0 21 false false false HU X-NONE X-NONE

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Marco Rossi: The last ten minutes is my fault

2022-03-30 15:23:04

The Hungarian national football team won 1–0 against the Northern Ireland national team in Belfast with Roland Sallai's goal in the preparation match between the two teams on Tuesday. Hungary possessed the ball almost all the time, but it also took a huge feat from goalkeeper Dénes Dibusz to make the victory happen. Head coach Marco Rossi evaluated the game as follows:

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Dániel Sallói: I can add a lot to the future national team

2021-11-15 16:14:33

Dániel Sallói, who scored 16 goals and assisted eight times in 30 games, performed fantastically in the MLS regular season. This, of course, led to an invitation to the Hungarian national team in which he made his debut against England. Since then, he's appeared four times in the national jersey. During our conversation, we also asked Sallói about the national team, his future, and his current season.

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Marco Rossi: Will we get to the qualifying play-offs? No, definitely not

2021-10-11 08:07:27

“We can't see those players who could be built up to a national team level or could be planted into the team like ours that played in the European Championship,” said head coach Marco Rossi after Hungary lost 1–0 to the Albanian national team in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier at the Puskás Aréna. Rossi added that he did not feel his team had performed poorly against Albania, but could not disagree that something was missing compared to what he saw at the European Championship.

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Kép: az MLS-csapatnál Eb-győztest tippeltek, érdemes legörgetni…

2016-06-11 09:39:10

Az észak-amerikai profi labdarúgó-bajnokságban (MLS) szereplő Vancouver Whitecapsnél felkérték a játékosokat, tippeljenek arra, melyik ország válogatottja nyeri meg az Európa-bajnokságot. Első ránézésre semmi extra, jönnek a francia és német tippek, aztán a szem megtalálja az uruguayi Cristian Techerát…

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