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Tokyo 2020: I have the first one. Shall come the next one, the next one, the next one and so on – Milák

2021-07-28 23:15:49

As Hungarians and he also expected: Kristóf Milák won the 200m butterfly in Tokyo with a confident advantage – it is the first Hungarian Olympic gold in this event.

Tokió 2020 Milák Kristóf ENSO

Tokyo 2020: I can't quit like that – Katinka Hosszú

2021-07-28 22:39:27

Katinka Hosszú finished seventh in the 200m medley, but she is still looking for answers as to why she missed the expectations in Tokyo.

Tokyo 2020 Katinka Hosszú ENSO

Schäfer: When Lacika laid me on the ground, I cried

2021-07-12 22:00:04

On the last day of Euro 2020, András Schäfer was the guest on the NS podium. The midfielder of DAC who's been capped nine times for Hungary was one of the key players of the national team at the continental tournament, scored against Germany, and was voted as the best Hungarian player of the tournament by the NS editorial staff and readers. Zsolt Somogyi, Nemzeti Sport's football column's journalist spoke to him.

Schäfer András ENSO

EURO 2020: NB I players tied in playing the most from the region of Hungary

2021-07-06 15:18:50

Seventeen players from six clubs of Hungarian topflight (NB I) have played for five different countries in the European Championship. With the elimination of Ukraine, none of them are in competition now, so it's worth summarizing their performances.


European Championship 2020: I put my hands up; it was also my bad - Rossi

2021-06-16 12:43:50

Marco Rossi, the head coach of the Hungarian national team bears the responsibility for not being able to change the team's game to a better direction with the substitutions. Hungary lost to Portugal 3–0 despite holding on well for 84 minutes.

Rossi Marco Euro 2020 ENSO

Euro 2020: László Bölöni and Zsolt Kalmár will be NS's experts

2021-06-08 15:49:59

Along with Zsolt Kalmár, László Bölöni is also helping Nemzeti Sport to process the happenings at the European Football Championship. Kalmár, formerly played in Germany, has been left out of the Hungarian national team lineup only due to an injury while László Bölöni is a successful coach in French and Portuguese football.

Zsolt Kalmár László Bölöni Euro 2020 Enso

Giro: It’s surreal what’s happening – Attila Valter

2021-05-19 22:11:10

Attila Valter, the new Hungarian star of Groupama-FDJ, draws strength from the Hungarian bicycle fever for the remaining two weeks of the Giro d'Italia. He tries to find a balance between sudden fame and racing, but does not plan to climb on the "celebrity train." Instead, he will continue to aim for the highest.

English ENSO Attila Valter

Hungarian National League (NB I): Michael Boris leaves MTK – Official

2021-05-18 13:26:41

Nemzeti Sport's information proved to be true. Football club MTK confirmed on its official website that the management has terminated the contract by mutual agreement with head coach Michael Boris.

Michael Boris MTK ENSO

Miklós Gyulai: We're banging on the door that Hungarian athletics will kick in in 2023!

2021-05-10 23:56:51

Hungarian athletics has an unprecedented opportunity to host the 2023 World Athletics Championships. It motivates MASZ President Miklós Gyulai to serve another term as the head of the organization.

Gyulai Miklós ENSO

FTC: playing at Euro 2020 is my top priority – Zubkov

2021-04-28 17:15:28

Mainly the possibility of playing at the European Championship at the end of this season motivates Ukrainian winger Oleksandr Zubkov who plays for Hungarian National League defending champion FTC.

Olekszandr Zubkov ENSO

Wrestling: Tamás Lőrincz considered the European Championships as a kind of test

2021-04-26 15:51:02

Almost exactly a decade and a half after his first European Championship triumph in Moscow in 2006, Tamás Lőrincz was able to sit on the throne of European wrestling for the fourth time – this time in Warsaw in the 77-kilogram weight class. The Hungarian Wrestling Federation did an interview with him about his experiences there.

english Tamás Lőrincz Lőrincz Tamás ENSO

Zsolt Lőw: „We are at the highest level”

2021-04-24 09:40:11

The assistant coach of Chelsea gave an interview to Nemzeti Sport about his experiences, expectations and the desired successes in the following weeks.

labdarúgás angol labdarúgás angol foci Premier League Lőw Zsolt ENSO

Euro 2020: I'm 80 percent sure whom I will count on in the Hungarian team – Marco Rossi

2021-04-22 21:04:09

Marco Rossi, the head coach of the Hungarian national team, who counts on Dominik Szoboszlai, also spoke to Nemzeti Sport about the fight to be capped, team unity and about the full house at Puskás Aréna.


Sándor Csányi: The European Championship is not in danger

2021-04-20 15:50:01

The President of the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) is also in Montreux, Switzerland where the UEFA's congress begins on Tuesday. He also attended Monday's executive committee meeting as the vice-president of the European Football Associations, at which the governing body condemned the creation of the new European Super League and threatened to exclude those involved. Sándor Csányi reported to Nemzeti Sport from the scene.

Sándor Csányi MLSZ FIFA ENSO Csányi Sándor

Viktor Orbán: Hungary also stands against the formation of the European Super League

2021-04-19 16:00:14

“Hungary is convinced that the beauty of the world's most popular game is a result of the fact that this sport equally belongs to everybody.”


RB Leipzig: "Szoboszlai is at the beginning of his career, so it's important not to rush anything"

2021-04-13 14:46:59

Dominik Szoboszlai, recovering from his injury, could join his teammates in May. He can now perform football drills and running exercises.

Szoboszlai Dominik ENSO

Hungarians abroad: Varga, Kleinheisler and Holender also scored spectacular goals – video

2021-04-12 16:40:41

On Nemzeti Sport Online, we summarize the performance of Hungarian footballers this past week.

légiósprogram légiósok légióskörkép ENSO

Mourning: Olympic champion Diána Igaly had passed away

2021-04-10 22:30:05

Diána Igaly, who won a gold medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, had passed away at the age of 56. The news was confirmed to Nemzeti Sport by György Nagy, president of the Hungarian Shooting Federation.

ENSO Diána Igaly

Sport media: a young Hungarian photographer's photo is among the best in the AIPS competition

2021-03-20 18:19:46

A Hungarian sports photographer has achieved huge international success! Anna Szilágyi was among the top three in the world in the Young Reporters (under 30) category on the AIPS Sport Media Awards list with her photo titled “European Champions,” taken at last year's Budapest Water Polo Championships – can be read in the Hungarian Sports Journalists' Association (MSÚSZ) Facebook post.

Szilágyi Anna ENSO AIPS

Hungarians Abroad: I never wanted to overleap myself – Roland Sallai

2021-03-08 18:02:17

After his 50th Bundesliga match, Hungarian forward Roland Sallai, who always stood up after falling and never wanted to overleap himself, now aims for the 200th game.

Sallai Roland Freiburg ENSO Bundesliga