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Transfer: Wolverhampton and Grasshoppers also announced Bolla’s arrival

Recently, Nemzeti Sport Online first reported that two-time MOL Fehérvár defender Bendegúz Bolla has signed with Premier League team Wolverhampton and will immediately go on loan him to Grasshoppers that has been promoted to the Swiss Super League this year. The clubs involved announced the arrival of the Hungarian player on Saturday.

Bendegúz Bolla's transfer and loan was also announced on Wolverhampton's website (Source: wolves.co.uk)

Bendegúz Bolla's manager, Mátyás Esterházy, told Nemzeti Sport after the European Championship that an offer could come for the Fehérvár defender in the summer, even though he hadn't played at the European Championship. However, he was able to make his debut in the Hungarian national team before the tournament, and it's a big deal that he was a member of the European Championship squad at the age of 21.

In recent weeks, we've already written about a Premier League club's interest in the MOL Fehérvár player, but Turkish sources have also mentioned Fenerbahce. Earlier this week, we disclosed on Nemzeti Sport Online that Bolla could be signed by English topflight club Wolverhampton and loaned to its Swiss partner Grasshoppers. The Swiss club has been promoted to the Swiss Super League this year, and several players from Wolverhampton are playing there on loan.

Bendegúz Bolla and his manager Mátyás Esterházy with the Grasshoppers jersey (Photo: Ádám Bertalan)


The clubs announced the transfer on Saturday. In the official announcement of Bolla's arrival, Wolverhampton highlights that, in addition to being capped and being a member of the European Championship squad, the defender has made 40 appearances for MOL Fehérvár's first team, played in the Europa League qualifier, and scored against the Dutch in the spring at the European Under-21 Championship. They also add that he will be loaned to Grasshoppers, a Swiss topflight club, for next season to further his development. As far as we know, Bolla signed a five-year contract at Wolves and is on a one-year loan with Grasshoppers, that promoted to the topflight in the spring with the help of Zoltán Kádár, the Hungarian substitute coach from Transylvania (the team's new head coach is Giorgio Contini). Bolla also played 55 games in NB I (scoring one goal) with Fehérvár and on loan with Zalaegerszeg in the 2019-2020 season. Last but not least, like Dominik Szoboszlai, Bolla was raised at Főnix Gold FC in Székesfehérvár.

"After we returned from the Austrian training camp with the Hungarian national team, the English club's offer was discussed during breakfast the next day. My first thought was that someone would be messing with me. The opportunity came suddenly, but I was very happy about it, after all, since I was a child, my goal has been to sign abroad as soon as possible and to stand my ground as a Legionnaire. Luckily, Fehérvár and Wolverhampton managed to reach an agreement, so the deal was made. It meant a lot that the English club offered me a five-year contract. It seems they are counting on me in the long term," Bolla Bendegúz told Nemzeti Sport in connection with the announcement.

“It's a huge honor to be part of a Premier League club, but because of my development, I need a permanent chance of playing, which I'd less likely to have in England at the moment. That's how Grasshoppers came about, and I'm sure I can improve a lot in the Swiss topflight," the defender continued. "On Friday, I already trained with my teammates. After medical examinations, I met head coach Giorgio Contini, and he told me what he expects from me. The aim is to build me up as much as possible and to fill the gaps that would still be exposed on the international level. I've come to the best place in my career; it's up to me where I go from here. I'm confident that I will be able to deliver a performance that will allow me to play football in the Premier League in a year or two."

Translated by Vanda Orosz.


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