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Champions League: Orbán instead of Orban on the jersey

We've reported previously that Willi Orbán, who was born in Kaiserslautern to a Hungarian father and a Polish mother, had requested to make his last name appear on the Hungarian national team jersey with an accent. Well, since Tuesday, the official database of the Champions League has the accent on the letter “A” in Willi Orbán's name.

Willi Orbán’s name previously without the accent… (Photo: AFP)


This means two things for sure. First, it's certain that the name will also appear on the jersey the same way as it's the Champions League's protocol to verify the details from time to time. Second, all official UEFA publications, interfaces, internet and television titles and texts will automatically use the corrected name of RB Leipzig's defender who has also been capped 18 times for Hungary.

“Indeed, at the mandatory pre-match consultation of jersey decals and television graphics, one small thing had to be corrected which is putting an accent on Willi Orbán's last name in the official database” – told Nemzeti Sport Márton Dinnyés, Head of Communication at the Hungarian Football Federation who has been chosen as the UEFA's press agent for the Leipzig-Liverpool match.

As our portal knows, just like in the national team, the footballer himself has requested the change which can be traced in two of our photographs. The first photo was taken in December at the Leipzig-Manchester United Champions League group match while the second one was shot this Tuesday in Budapest.

Translated by Vanda Orosz

…and Willi Orbán is in a jersey with the accented letter (Photo: Attila Török)
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