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Video: Tatabánya defeated Real Madrid 40 years ago

Forty years ago today, Tatabánya won 2–1 against Real Madrid in the first round of the UEFA Cup with István Weimper's and Károly Csapó's goals.

Károly Csapó (right) delivered a brilliant performance in defeating Real Madrid and even scored a goal (Photo: FourFourTwo)



Forty years ago, on September 16, 1981, Real Madrid, that played in the European Champion Clubs' Cup Final last season, was defeated by Tatabánya in the first round of the UEFA Cup. The 2–1 stellar performance wasn't enough, though, because in the rematch on September 30, the Spanish team won 1–0 and advanced with an away goal. After the rematch, the Madrilenian papers wrote that it was surprising that the Royals had advanced (when Tatabánya was still a favorite even 10 minutes before the end)...

Anyone who has seen the match in Hungary will hardly forget how Tatabánya, coached by Károly Lakat, won against the Madrid star team with Weimper's and Csapó's goals in front of 22,000 spectators.

The team members of that time met at the stadium in Tatabánya at 5pm on Thursday, and they held a gathering near the handball hall where fans could get autographs while chatting and having dinner with them.

UEFA Cup, 1. round, 1. leg
16. September, 1981.
Tatabánya–Real Madrid (Spanish) 2–1 (1–1)
attendance: 22 000 Referee: Matthias (Austrian)
TATABÁNYA: Kiss I. – Szabó Gy., Lakatos, Fejes, Fischer – Emmer, Csapó, Hermann –
P. Nagy, Kovács I., Weimper. Manager: Lakat Károly
REAL MADRID: Miguel Ángel – San José, Navajas, Camacho, García Cortes – Gallego (Carcelén, 86.), Del Bosque (García Hernández, 79.), Ángel – Juanito, Santillana, Isidro. Manager: Vujadin Boskov
G: Weimper (32. – 11-esből), Csapó (79.), ill. Santillana (44.)

UEFA-kupa, Round 1, second leg
30. September, 1981.

Real Madrid–Tatabánya 1–0 (0–0)
Madrid, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, attendance: 60 000 R: Mullhall (Irish)
REAL MADRID: Miguel Ángel – García Cortes, Sabido, Gallego, Camacho – Ángel (Isidro, 59.),
Del Bosque, Stielike – Juanito, Santillana (Pineda, 23.), Ito. Manager: Vujadin Boskov
TATABÁNYA: Kiss I. – Szabó Gy., Lakatos, Fejes, Fischer – Emmer, Csapó, Hermann –
P. Nagy, Kovács I., Weimper. Manager: Lakat Károly
G: Isidro (74. – 11-esből)
Red card:
Pineda, ill. Fejes, Kovács I.

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