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MLSZ: NB II will be restructured while NB I remains a 12-team league

At its online meeting on Tuesday, the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) adopted the competition notice for the 2022–2023 season league and cup series, as well as the competition calendar.


NB I remains a 12-team league, but NB II will be restructured (Photo: Csaba Dömötör)

"There is no significant change in the structure of the OTP Bank Liga; it will continue to start with 12 teams on the last weekend of July, playing three rounds. At the same time, the second division starts in two stages: first with 18, then with 16 teams,” MLSZ said in a statement.

"In order to raise the standard of NB II, to fight more fiercely and increase the resources per team, after the end of next season, from 2023, 18 clubs, then from 2024, 16 teams will compete in the men's second division, which now has 20 teams. In NB III, also from 2023-2024, there will also be 16 teams in four groups each."

"The MLSZ Board has not given up the intention to increase the number of OTP Bank Liga teams. In addition to the already implemented infrastructural development and financial stability, another condition is to increase the quality of academic work, youth education, and the proportion of Hungarian players. The current form will remain in force until these changes are implemented."

The women's topflight field will be raised from the current eight teams to 12.

"The development of women's football is the following: the continuous increase in the number of players and the national coverage of outstanding teams make it possible to increase the number of women's NB I to twelve teams, similar to men's. The tournament is scheduled to start in August, as is the women's NB II, which is conducted under the essentially unchanged circumstances," MLSZ said in a statement.

The men's topflight futsal league will also have 12 teams.

"In the spirit of uniformity, the men's futsal league will also be expanded to 12 teams, giving young talents more opportunity to introduce themselves and develop through high-quality competition."

According to our information, the Board may meet again in the second half of the week because some clubs have requested to postpone the start of the spring season due to the coronavirus infections affecting the teams.

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