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FTC: "Of course, tomorrow is training!" – Cherchesov also talked about Nguen's future

At the press conference after the Ferencváros-Paks (3-0) cup final, Franck Boli who scored two goals, evaluated FTC first, followed by head coach Stanislav Cherchesov.

Cherchesov doubled with Fradi: after the league victory, the team won the cup too (Photo: Csaba Dömötör)


Ferencváros defeated Paks 3-0 in the Hungarian Cup (MK) final with an early goal from Kristoffer Zachariassen and with Franck Boli's double. After Bp. Honvéd and Újpest FC, FTC is the third team to win the MK final in the new Puskás Aréna.

"I scored two goals in a cup final for the first time. Maybe a lot of people expected me to score, but no matter who shoots it, what's important is that we won and of course, it's a joy that I was able to contribute with two goals," Franck Boli said. "I got a pass from Lončar in my first goal, and I wanted to shoot at the goal as soon as possible from a turn. In my second goal, I got a pass from Wingo, I felt that I was getting tired, so I shot from a distance. It was a tough game and I'm glad we won.”

Head coach Stanislav Cherchesov interrupted Boli's answers jokingly by asking him not to be asked too many questions so that he could have a glass of champagne with the teammates. Cherchesov then asked the striker to set aside some champagne for him too.

"It was said two days ago that the cup must not only be played, but also won, and I am glad that we managed to win a good match. I don't know how heavy the cup is because no one has given it to me yet, but I have time to check it," Cherchesov said, and then referred back to the previous question about champagne saying that he does not drink alcohol at all.

Then, we asked him if there would be a training session tomorrow, about Tokmac Nguen's expiring contract and why he did not play in the final.

"Of course, tomorrow morning there is a training and a photography session in the program," Cherchesov said with a smile. “Tokmac Nguen was unable to play due to injury. We tested him this morning, he was in pain, and I can't have a player on the field who's not 100 percent fit for play. As for his future, we gave him enough time to make a decision. That's why I put him in several positions in the spring so that he can perfect himself as much as he can and enjoy the game."

In answer to a question, the Russian expert looked back on the weaker start in the spring, and he said that mainly because of the coronavirus, he did not meet many of his players for weeks, he practically did not even know their names, so it was not surprising that the team could not immediately show its best form.

Regarding the future and reinforcements, the head coach said that always those are the best players to him who are current members in the team, and he doesn't want to work with individuals – he always thinks in an entire team only.

Ferencvárosi TC – Paksi FC 3–0 (1–0)
, Puskás Aréna, 38 979 spectators. Referee: Bognár T.
Ferencváros: Dibusz – Botka (Vécsei, 81.), Blažič, S. Mmaee – Esiti, Laïdouni – Auzqui (Wingo, 76.), Zachariassen, Pászka (Ćivić, 76.) – F. Boli, Marquinhos (Lončar, 59.). Head coach: Stanislav Cherchesov
Paks: G. Nagy – Szélpál, Lenzsér, J. Szabó (Osváth, 83.) – Windecker, B. Balogh (Sajbán, after halftime) – N. Kovács (R. Nagy, 80.), Haraszti (Böde, 66.), B. Szabó (O. Tamás, 66.), Medgyes – Ádám. Head coach: György Bognár
Goal scorers: 
Zachariassen (16.), F. Boli (83., 86.)

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