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100,000 tickets already sold for the World Championships in Budapest!

There is huge interest in the biggest sporting event in Hungary's history, the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest. Just over a month after the commencement of sales, the number of tickets sold has already exceeded 100,000, according to a statement sent to our editorial office by the organizing committee.


The National Athletics Center under construction (Photo: Zoltán Nagy/Metropol, archive)

After Hungary, the United Kingdom is the top ticket-buying country, followed by the United States and then Germany. There will be a large number of visitors from Central Europe, and among others, many French, Spanish and Italian fans will be at the National Athletics Center.

"We have set two important goals: one is to have the superheroes of athletics compete in front of a full house every night, and the other is to support mass sports in Hungary with the help of the World Championships. So that more people become ordinary heroes and start playing sports, overcoming their own limits – just like superheroes do at the World Championships. The ticket sales figures show that we have a good chance of a full house and we also see that many fans bought their tickets with a supporters' club discount coupon at half price, meaning that they played sports and took advantage of the opportunity offered by the World Cup!" said Balázs Németh, CEO of Budapest 2023 Zrt., the organizer of the World Championships, at the Normafa running race, which is part of the World Cup Supporters' Club program and was completed by him and several members of the organizing committee.

More than 700 people participated in the running race held at Normafa (Photo: Csaba Dömötör)

A total of 37 events and 8 individual challenges have been included in the program and completing any one of them offers to buy 4 tickets at 50% off to the World Championships. On Sunday, the Garmin WTF Cold running race took place in beautiful, snowy, wintery weather conditions at Normafa in Budapest, with more than 700 participants, all of whom will receive a discount coupon, meaning 4 tickets for the World Championships at half price.

(Photo: Csaba Dömötör)


(Photo: Csaba Dömötör)

The World Athletics Championships will take place over nine days from August 19 to 27, 2023 and the first day already promises to be a great experience. Unlike many other sports, the Athletics World Championships will feature finals on the first day, including the men's shot put, where Hungarian relatives will be cheering on Joe Kovacs from the USA, who is also a world title contender. One of the Hungarian team's top athletes, world bronze medalist in hammer throw, Bence Halász, will also start on the first day, and it is hoped that the country will be able to cheer him on in the final the following day. On the same day, August 20, one of the most eagerly awaited events, the men's 100m, will take place.

There will be Hungarian athletes in the program every day and finals are held every evening. On August 22, Luca Kozák, who has been voted Hungary's Female Athlete of the Year 2022, will start her competition. On August 26, another awaited event will take place: the biggest star in athletics today, Mondo Duplantis, has already announced that he will once again be aiming to break the world record in the pole vault final.

You can find out more about ticket sales here!


Translated by Vanda Orosz.

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