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Hungarian League: Dibusz was the best, ahead of Ádám in our rankings

Based on the grades, Dénes Dibusz is the leader, and he has been relaxing in Cyprus these days. However, he explained how Stanislav Cherchesov views football differently as a former goalkeeper. Martin Ádám, who finished second, also gave Nemzeti Sport an interview.


The best of the season

Did you feel this season was better than the previous ones?
– We had a turbulent season – Dénes Dibusz, Ferencváros' captain and goalkeeper, told our newspaper. – The current season was definitely different from the previous ones in that there were times when the results didn't come easily. Even if we secured the league title just four rounds before the end... I had some good matches, and some feats, but overall, in hindsight, I think that we won this year's gold medal with difficulty.

Was there a turning point in the season?
– There were a lot of matches, especially in the fall where I had to keep the spirit in the team with my defenses, and when I really had to add to the game. There were a few similar matches in the spring as well, and the real turning point for the team was the home game against Kisvárda. We were happy that we were not executed in the first half, and we clenched our teeth and turned the result around. That's where the team's performance skyrocketed.

Do you look at the grades the day after the matches?
– Usually, yes. I'm not saying I'm running to the newsagent after getting up, but I'm keeping an eye on what grades everyone got. I wonder how our and my performance are evaluated which is also a kind of feedback. And I'm also interested in how the players from other teams performed because I don't watch every game on television. These grades give an idea of what shape everyone is in.

Dénes Dibusz is interested in what grades he receives (Photo: Attila Török)

How is your performance evaluated at the club? Does Stanislav Cherchesov also give a grade, or does he go into details about his goalkeepers' movements?

– From this point of view, we goalkeepers are not separated from field players. If everything went well, we acknowledge that we had a successful match, but if there were situations that left doubt, we would discuss it the next day. I get edited video materials of my performance, so I'm always up to date on what I did wrong and what I need to improve on. I can watch myself back, I don't have to fast forward the whole game from start to finish.

Cherchesov used to be a goalkeeper. Do you perceive any of this in your everyday life as a player in the same position?
– He is the first head coach to praise goalkeepers in training. It wasn't like that before... Those who have never been goalkeepers are upset with why the opportunity was missed, and why the striker didn't choose another solution rather than praising the goalkeeper. Stanislav Cherchesov views football differently, he also looks at football from the goalkeepers' point of view. In situations like this, he praised us rather than scolded the striker.

Are you the emotional type? Do you feel bad when you're criticized?
– I don't feel bad if the feedback isn't positive. In fact, it motivates me. I take the criticism well; I try to distance myself from them.

What has the team made the most progress on?
– Confidence. The cup final against Paks is a good benchmark in this regard. It was a high-stake match where making mistakes was not allowed, yet we played a very good game. We were disciplined all along and those 90 minutes can give us confidence before the Champions League qualifier. The question is what kind of squad we will start the season with.

The team is starting the summer preparations at the beginning of June, but along with Endre Botka and Vécsei Bálint, you will join later due to the national team's Nations League matches. How much trouble could that be?
– In the summer we are going to two training camps, and us three will join the squad in the second one. But that shouldn't be a problem, as there will still be time for the new players to get to know us. At the beginning of the spring, it was clear that we lacked thorough winter preparation. The start was weaker, it took quite a few weeks before our game really came together. There should be no problem with that in the summer. In the Champions League qualifiers, we will be seeded in the first two rounds, but it doesn't mean that we cannot get a tough opponent. We face new significant challenges, but in recent years, we have proven that we can stand our ground internationally as well.


Martin Ádám has had the best season of his career so far (Photo: Károly Árvai)




Our newspaper created an overall ranking of players in the Hungarian League (NB I) for the 2021-2022 season based on the grades given by our colleagues in the fall and spring. The average of the grades from zero to ten determines the players' order with the exception of grade zero given to goalkeepers who have played the minimum of 30 minutes on the pitch or who have not played at all are not counted. 371 footballers played in the league, which is three more than last season. However, only those 137 footballers are on the list who played half plus one of the matches meaning that they performed in at least 17 league matches well enough to evaluate them. In the case of a tie in points, the more evaluable performances rank first.

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