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Fencing: Jenő Kamuti woke up from a coma – he still has plans 

Shortly after his 85th birthday in September, International Fair Play Committee President Jenő Kamuti was hospitalized, but the former world champion foil fencer has been fighting hard and is looking forward to going home to his loved ones.

Fortunately, Jenő Kamuti is feeling better (Photo: Károly Árvai, archive)


Many sports fans were worried when Jenő Kamuti, Olympic silver medalist and World champion foil fencer, the Athlete of the Nation, was hospitalized with kidney failure and infection.

"My colleagues told me that one in a thousand people come back from such an illness, so here I am," Jenő Kamuti told Nemzeti Sport. Fortunately, he is better now and is currently recovering in the rehabilitation institute of MÁV Hospital in Budakeszi. If everything goes well, he will be able to return home in mid-December. “I heard stories from my colleagues and family members about what happened to me, and I was also shocked by my condition. Nobody would have bet a penny on my life, especially when I was in a coma, but I didn't give up! I love life and I have plans. I always say, if you don't have any, why live?"

Jenő Kamuti is surrounded by a loving family, and he was always proud that he had five grandchildren. But since October 23, he is a great-grandfather.

"My first great-granddaughter, Lenke, was born on a remarkable day," said Jenő Kamuti. “My family is one of my life's driving forces, and the other is still health care. I have lived my life as a doctor, and before my illness, I came back to work as a volunteer. And of course, there is my eternal love, sports. I bless my destiny, the good Lord and my mother for giving me two careers with which I could and still give to others. The sporting community has learned over time that you can come to me with anything; there is nothing better than being able to help someone. Health care and sports are related: both have the same mentality and philosophy. And both are good places to work in teams where you learn to accept each other and fight for the other."

Jenő Kamuti also logged in at the Hungarian Olympic Committee's general assembly on Saturday with a short video message.

"I hope that next time I can be there in person and give my opinion, even if not everyone likes it," said Jenő Kamuti, 85, to his fellow Olympians.

Translated by Vanda Orosz.

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