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2022.03.13 20:20

Charity: Juventus’ team buses appeared near Záhony

Juventus' delegation completed a 2,800-kilometer journey, led by former Ferrari Formula One team principal and current Turin football club managing director Maurizio Arrivabene, to help at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border near Záhony. The Hungarian consulates in Milan and Uzhhorod played an important role in the operation. Donations were collected at Juve for more than a week, part of which have now been delivered to the border. Also, 80 children, mostly between the ages of six and 14, have been transported from Ukraine to Italy.


Juve's delegation reportedly transported 80 refugees from Ukraine to Italy (Photo: juventus.com)


According to a report published on Juventus' website, several doctors and sports psychologists employed by the club visited Záhony, who, in addition to the donations, also tried to help with their active work.

They point out that the Juve family's cooperation made this relief effort possible: in recent times, donations – mostly clothes and medicines – have been collected not only directly at the club, but also in schools in Turin and various parts of the city.

Juventus provides full accommodation for 80 refugees in Italy, most of whom have arrived from Kyiv and Kharkiv, with the help of the Ukrainian Association of Football. According to the report, they are children between the ages of six and fourteen and their mothers.

The article also mentioned that the mayor of Záhony, László Helmeczi, welcomed the delegation, and Jenő Csiszár, the Consul General of Hungary in Milan, helped organize the action. The information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade also highlights the contribution of the Consulate General of Uzhhorod. Their staff, along with the MFA, played an important role in the coordination and making sure the children reached the border and crossed it smoothly.

The Italian team's official website also published a photo gallery of the charity action, which can be viewed here.

At Juventus, it is believed that this joint movement symbolizes the strength of the football community well, and it is a clear message to stand out for peace.

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