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Taekwondo: Omar Gergely Salim would follow in his father’s footsteps

2022-11-24 00:38:30

Omar Gergely Salim, who competed in the 54 kg event, made sports history at this year's World Championships, becoming the first Hungarian taekwondo player to win the world title. The 19-year-old MTK standout told Nemzeti Sport that he is very grateful for the support of the Hungarian people and also revealed what his father and coach Gergely Salim told him before the final.

taekwondo Omar Gergely Salim

Taekwondo: Historic Hungarian success, Omar Gergely Salim became world champion

2022-11-20 17:02:05

Omar Gergely Salim won Hungary's first World Championship gold medal in taekwondo after defeating César Rodríguez in the 54 kg final in Mexico, the Hungarian Taekwondo Federation announced.

taekwondo Omar Gergely Salim