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Hungarian national team: The fall season behind us proved that there is always more! – Dibusz

2022-11-17 09:36:40

Dénes Dibusz would like to end his successful season full of experiences with two victories – the FTC goalkeeper can also be happy that he didn't concede a goal from Péter Szappanos...


The Gyurta brothers swam together, not against each other

2022-11-15 13:52:31

An era in Hungarian swimming has come to an end: after Dániel's retirement in 2018, his younger brother Gergely has also decided to end his career now. We talked to the Gyurta brothers in the Komjádi swimming complex about the past, their experiences and successes, the meaning of being a top athlete, and of course, about their coaches, especially Sándor Széles.

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Hungarian National Team: our portal got the Italian’s tactical analysis, and Marco Rossi has taken over it

2022-11-09 23:10:37

Balázs Dzsudzsák takes leave of the national team as the captain, and Marco Rossi, who has received the Italians’ analysis from us, is making tactical innovations for the preparation matches against Luxembourg and Greece.

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Sportrádió: Gergely Gyurta has announced his retirement

2022-10-26 20:27:57

Gergely Gyurta quits competitive swimming, the athlete announced this on Wednesday on Sportrádió's morning show.


Goals by Ádám, Kalmár, and Orbán, a spectacular goal from Austria

2022-10-18 23:34:46

Since there were no Hungarian footballers in the MLS last week – the season is over for Dániel Sallói (Sporting Kansas City) and Dániel Gazdag (Philadelphia) will only play in the second round of the playoffs – the number of goals scored by Hungarian players in the foreign leagues was lower than usual, but we still managed to record three goals from Martin Ádám, Zsolt Kalmár, and Willi Orbán.


Hungarian national team: one hundred and twenty years of globetrotting

2022-10-13 13:09:31

Exactly 120 years ago, on October 12, 1902, the Hungarian national football team played its first match and has been on every continent since then.


Expedition in the empty room – Heights and Depths is a film about absence and mourning

2022-10-04 00:24:12

The Hungarian film, Heights and Depths, tells the story of Zsolt Erőss' wife, Hilda Sterczer. Erőss disappeared near the Kangchenjunga summit, leaving his wife alone with their two young children. First-time filmmaker Sándor Csoma's movie offers a painfully accurate portrayal of the world of absence, mourning, and mountain climbing.


„The baby-faced blondie bumps into everyone” – András Schäfer, the lucky number 13

2022-10-02 15:41:27

The Hungarian national team player and Union Berlin's midfielder, András Schäfer says that we should smile rather than be sorrowful. He also knows when to joke and when not to. But now he can: as sincere as he is, the interview about them celebrating with the fans, his self-confidence, and the lessons learned from Ádám Szalai, is also hilarious. So, let's have fun!


We deserve our place on the volleyball map

2022-09-13 10:32:24

The Hungarian women's national volleyball team has marked several milestones in the past seven years. The team made its first real mark in 2015 when it won the European League, but the biggest question is what it is destined to do...


Foreign players: Gazdag's 19th goal, Philadelphia won by knockout – video

2022-09-11 18:53:02

Daniel Gazdag can't stop scoring goals, and obviously, he doesn't want to. He scored his 19th goal for Philadelphia Union in the MLS 2022 season in a 5–1 win over Orlando City on Sunday morning. The goal was his fifth in a row. Dániel Sallói's team Sporting Kansas City played a goalless draw at home to Houston Dynamo.

Gazdag Dániel English

Cycling: Attila Valter has transferred to Jumbo-Visma – official

2022-08-30 13:45:54

On Monday morning, the Dutch road cycling team Team Jumbo-Visma announced on its official website that it has signed Attila Valter, who will join the team from the beginning of 2023 until the end of the 2025 season.

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Attila Szalai: My clubmates welcomed me with the topic of the match against England

2022-07-07 20:53:23

Thanks to Fenerbahçe fans, Attila Szalai, who remembered the Nations League matches every day during the summer break, feels fired up in every home game – and the defeat of the English was also a topic in the dressing room of the Turkish club.

Szalai Attila Fenerbahce English

Basketball: We demonstrated tremendous mental strength! – Ádám Hanga

2022-06-09 20:05:21

The Hungarian national team defender of the royal team hopes that they will be happy in the league final and that soon their coach who has suffered a heart attack will be able to help them.


Gergő Lovrencsics's wish is to win the league title with Split

2022-05-30 21:41:29

Gergő Lovrencsics, defender of Hajduk Split, finished the season with a league silver medal and a Croatian Cup victory, and he believes that his club would also be in the race for first place in the Hungarian League (NB I).

Lovrencsics Gergő English ENSO

Giro: The Cavendish stop, and plaque inaugurated in Zámoly

2022-05-16 00:17:01

On Saturday afternoon, the Cavendish stop and plaque were handed over in Zámoly, Fejér County, commemorating the event of May 6 when Mark Cavendish, one of the biggest sprinters in the 105th Giro d`Italia, stopped to change his bike at the village's first bus stop from Székesfehérvár.

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„My book of life is still being written” – Pál Schmitt is 80 years old

2022-05-14 13:46:15

He was an IOC member for 40 years – it's a record, and the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB)'s president for 21 years - also a record. As Pál Schmitt says: "I learned from Samaranch that whoever is in power, you have to cooperate with them, no matter what color they are – and it is best for federations to do the same. Over time, we received less support, and fewer decisions were left to us, but MOB has always been similar to the famous motto of one of the French cities: ‘it is tossed, but does not sink.'" Birthday conversation with the Olympic champion fencer and former President of Hungary.


Ice Hockey: Romanian Minister of Sports speaks out on the “Székely Anthem” sung jointly

2022-05-11 19:26:13

Romanian Minister of Sports, Eduárd Novák, shared his opinion on his Facebook page on the matter that spread fast within the sports press world in Bucharest. As we reported, at the IIHF World Championship Division 1A in Ljubljana, the majority of the Romanian players sang the national anthem of Székely Land together with the Hungarian team and their fans.


There's a good chance of getting promoted, but it takes perfect hockey!

2022-05-03 08:02:14

The Hungarian men's ice hockey team skates on the ice again with the hope of reaching the world elite in the Division 1/A World Championships in Ljubljana starting on May 3. Despite the international rearrangement, achieving the coveted goal does not promise to be as easy as many people think. However, according to our best player, the recent Finnish bronze medalist Balázs Sebők, it is achievable with an all-time-high performance and the right determination.


Lanzafame: My autobiographic would be like a rollercoaster, but with a happy ending

2022-04-14 07:31:58

Davide Lanzafame announced his retirement on February 9 at the age of 35. The Italian footballer, who was in Juventus' youth team and won the Hungarian League with Budapest Honvéd and Ferencváros, gave Nemzeti Sport an exclusive interview where he talked about his highs and lows and the new chapter in his life.

english ENSO Davide Lanzafame

Lothar Matthäus: There is no need to fear for the Hungarian national team!

2022-01-05 21:10:22

The 60-year-old former footballer, Lothar Matthäus (capped 150 times for Germany) is happy that there is silence around him these days while he does not see Hungarian footballers hopeless in the powerful Nations League group.

Lothar Matthäus English