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This is how the German Cup winning Hungarian national team players of Leipzig partied

RB Leipzig won the German Cup final on Saturday night with penalties, and Dominik Szoboszlai's father Zsolt, who was also his youth coach, sat in the stands, and he even got his son's jersey as a keepsake.


The open-top bus is parked in Leipzig waiting for the cup-winning team (Photo: Bence Babják)

"What else could I have told my son after the final whistle than to congratulate and be proud of him?!” the proud father, Zsolt Szoboszlai, told our newspaper the day after the match.  "The Austrian league titles and cup victories had their own value, but obviously, it is a huge achievement to win the German Cup at 21. After the final whistle, he gave me his jersey, it's a limited edition, it's now a keepsake forever. When the stadium began to empty out, the relatives could go down to the pitch of the Olympic Stadium, where my son and I walked around, which will also be an unforgettable memory."

Regarding the Hungarian midfielder's first full season in Germany, we were also interested in his manager, Mátyás Esterházy's opinion.

"Freiburg was already leading in the second half when Leipzig was one man down, and it looked like it would be easy to decide the game. It was at this time that Dominik, among others, came on, and it is gratifying that after he stepped in, the entire match changed and a new one began, at the end of which Leipzig won the cup. Based on the results, Dominik's first full season in Germany is a success overall, it is only the Europa League semifinal relegation that leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Anything can happen in football, but we still imagine the future in Leipzig, we have not accidentally signed a long-term contract with the club."

The city of Leipzig showed off its pride. The team's bus returning from Berlin at noon rolled into the old town hall building in Leipzig's central square shortly after 2 pm, where thousands of fans gathered to greet the local heroes. The footballers first waved the cup a few times on the town hall balcony, then hopped on the open-top bus, and the thousands of fans escorted them from street corners to street corners.

A large crowd gathered to celebrate Gulácsi and the team (Photo: AFP)

"It is a great experience to share this success with the fans," Péter Gulácsi, the goalkeeper of RB Leipzig and the Hungarian national team, told our newspaper on Sunday. “Sunday afternoon was an ideal time for this: the streets were full, and it was an uplifting feeling. There are moments in life that you just have to enjoy, after all the hard work of many years, we deserved to have it all on Sunday. We came here at the end of a long season and although we suffered a lot, we achieved great success in the last game."

Orbán Willi rode the bus around the city waving a red and white flag, Péter Gulácsi danced with the cup and posed with his teammates, while Dominik Szoboszlai also had a yellow sombrero on his head, which he then signed and returned to the owner. Scarves and flags were waving, relics thrown at footballers were signed and then given back to their owners, and curious eyes watched the street parade from the storeyed houses. The crowd "trapped" the motorists, but they did not honk or swear, but instead, they all captured the moments by pulling out their phones.

"I have experienced the greatest success of my career so far," the Hungarian goalkeeper, who will share his opinion on the final in our Monday issue, continued. "The German Cup has a huge prestige value, it has a huge significance in this country. Plus, if you think about the path we've taken to get to this point... This was our third final, but we have also played in the Champions League and Europa League semifinals, we have silver and bronze medals in the league, but now we have taken the last step and finally got the first trophy. This was made even more valuable and special because as team captain, I was able to lift the trophy. The celebration? Some of my teammates partied longer than I did. At 5:30 am, the party continued only in the hotel room because my son woke up and couldn't go back to sleep."

Orbán and Gulácsi on the bus (Photo: Bence Babják)


Szoboszlai (second from left) (Photo: Bence Babják)

Translated by Vanda Orosz

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