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Premier League: Tamás Balogh joined the most innovative club in England

Though with an aching heart, Tamás Balogh said goodbye to Vidi after almost ten years: MOL Fehérvár's leading player scout is going to work for Brentford FC in the Premier League in the future.

Tamás Balogh is going to be both a player scout and a contact person at Brentford FC (Photo: molfehervarfc.hu/Balázs Székelyhidi)


Not in defense or in midfield, not even in the forward line, but in the player scouting team. The Premier League club now employs the 32-year-old as a "Lead Eastern European Consultant." However, his great joy comes with a little sadness: after almost ten years, he is leaving his beloved club.

"I was born in Székesfehérvár, I grew up there, and I have a thousand ties to Fehérvár and the club," Tamás Balogh told our newspaper. "I started working at the club nine years ago. At first, I helped the work of Marketing Director Ádám Várkonyi, and then when Győző Burcsa was the sporting director, I became a staff member as a video analyst. In the end, Zoltán Kovács replaced Viktor Burcsa, and he put me in the direction, so to speak, and in recent years, I have tried to add my own to the successes as a leading player scout. I am proud to have been able to work at Vidi during the most successful period in the club's history, and I would like to especially thank István Garancsi and Attila Balogh for this. The two league titles, the Hungarian Cup victory, and the Europa League group stage are unforgettable experiences. In those years, what the team has achieved is also acknowledged internationally. It may sound strange, but after the away game against Chelsea, we even lamented that we lost to 1-0."

It must be nice to be a Brentford fan these days. We say this not only because the newcomer extended his Premier League membership with a convincing performance, but also because two years ago he played his home games in a small jewel box at the Brentford Community Stadium, which can hold 17,250 spectators. It is the smallest and newest stadium in the PL, which is also home to the London Irish rugby team in addition to “the Bees." Before the arena was opened in September 2020, Brentford FC used Griffin Park – for 116 years. The fact that the fans said goodbye to the old facility with an aching heart can be explained by the tradition as well as by the fact that, uniquely in football of the island country, there was a pub on each of the four corners of Griffin Park... 

Four years after the match on October 4, 2018, he will no longer return as a guest to the English capital – especially to the West London suburbs: starting June 1, he committed himself to Brentford that returned to the Premier League last year after 74 years, finishing 13th in the 2021-2022 season.

"I have been invited to Belgium and the United States in recent years, but so far, I have not felt that I have to change at all costs," Tamás Balogh continued. "But when Brentford approached me, I was like, if I said no to this opportunity, I would probably regret it for the rest of my life. After all, a club in probably the strongest league in the world offered me a job. I have known the sporting director, Lee Dykes, for a long time, we have discussed possible collaboration between us several times before, and the situation became serious when it was decided that the team would stay in the topflight. The Premier League itself is tempting, and what made the offer even more attractive was that Brentford is considered one of the most innovative clubs in England. I don't think I could have gone to a higher level now."

Founded in 1889, the club places great emphasis on various measurements: it is ranked among the best in the field of data and video analysis in the PL; its database is huge. Lee Dykes can rely on several regional consultants (including Tamás Balogh), and consultants can rely on dozens of player scouts. What exactly will be the Hungarian professional's task?

"Monitoring Eastern European leagues, clubs, and the senior and under-21 national teams are our priority,” the answer was. “I also need to keep in touch with the management, the players, and the managers who work with them. There is a lot to be considered. To say the least, it is not enough for the Brentford contract in itself to hit the expected level with someone with their playing skills. After Brexit, the transferring of footballers to England from the European Union was subject to stricter conditions. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the selected player reaches the score required to sign him. So, the task is multifaceted, the challenge is great, but am ready for it!"

Translated by Vanda Orosz

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