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Myrto Uzuni: Rebrov is the best coach I’ve ever worked with

The Green and Whites' Albanian winger Myrto Uzuni would never argue with his teammates, and he is on the same wavelength with Serhiy Rebrov.

Team is everything! Uzuni considers FTC his family (Photo: Miklós Szabó)


– Is everyone relieved?
– The win of 3-0 on Wednesday was great – told our portal Myrto Uzuni, the Green and Whites' and Albanian national team's winger who scored a penalty kick against Budafok. – We needed this win without a doubt. Although we were weak during the first two games in the spring, there was no panic at all.

– What could've been the reason for the defeat against Diósgyőr and the draw with Felcsút?
– We started the fall season with a draw as well. The reason why I remember that match is because that was my first NB I game of my life. We were the guests of MTK which was out first match after trainings and preparation. I joined the game in the second half, and it ended with 1-1. Just like then, now we also needed a match or two to get into the competition.

– Is everything back to normal then?
– We hope so. We're in perfect physical condition too, and our training sessions didn't just focus on the first two games, but on the entire spring season. Of course, we need some time to get into the game, but this might have already happened in Budafok. We were better than our opponent, we controlled the game, and showed what we are capable of after two bad matches. We showed our true colors.

– You earned a penalty. Was your leg kicked?
– I was pushing the ball in, and when I was about to shoot with my right leg, the defender kicked my left foot. He wanted to block me, but instead of the ball, he kicked my ankle.

– Nowadays Ihor Kharatin is the penalty shooter. Why did you take this one?
– I walked up to Ihor and asked him I could kick. He saw that I was determined and told me that if I'm confident enough, I can kick it. There's no way we're fighting with each other. I look at my teammates as family; the dressing room is our second home, and it's our rule that we never hurt our family members. The goal stays in the family!

– Kharatin kicked the second penalty. Did you return the favor?
– He who is confident enough and needs to score the most kicks the penalty. There was a similar incident during the friendly match with Estonia when Ihor asked me if he could kick the penalty. Unfortunately, he had missed it then, but it's gratifying that he still believed in himself and confidently scored against Budafok.

– Was the victory secured after the first goal?
– We knew that if we got the lead, it would be a lot easier for us. That's why it was important to take lead as early as possible.

– How much attention did you pay to the rival Fehérvár? By the time you woke up on Thursday, the results could've turned out to be the way that the difference between the two teams is just four points.
– I'd lie if I told you that we didn't follow the results. It's natural that all footballer checks out how their rivals are playing, but now I focused more on the success of Ferencváros. There's no need to talk about what would've happened if the results turn out differently. The only thing that matters is that we woke up on Thursday with a 10-point difference. I'm not saying that we can lay back, though. In fact, we have to be alert, but we are on the right track.

– Over the weekend you'll host Kisvárda that defeated Fehérvár on Wednesday.
– I've watched that game since then. I follow the league; I've analyzed almost every game. I know that Kisvárda is a strong team, and it won't be easy to beat them. However, Ferencváros has the same duty for every match, and that is to win.

– Is it true that you and Rebrov are on the same wavelength?
– He is the best coach I've ever worked with. Our mentality is the same; we are never satisfied enough. Just like him I always want more. I made the best choice when I signed on with Ferencváros in the summer. Everyone and everything are very professional. In addition, Budapest is a beautiful city. It's important to me that I can enjoy myself in my daily life as well otherwise I cannot play football well. Now everything is in order around me.

FTC was better, and the team of Budafok also acknowledges it. After the 3-0 defeat, the BMTE footballers were sitting in the locker room disappointedly, but they are convinced that they have to let go of Wednesday's game because it is not FTC against whom they need to earn points in order to remain in the NB I. “We prepared a lot for the match against Ferencváros, but knew that the opponent is a better team,” told our portal goalkeeper Dániel Póser. – We were focused but had some mistakes that gave us goals. There were two penalties out of the three goals, and it was a painful defeat, but we got over it. We're now focusing on the tasks ahead. I'd say the championship is about to start for us now!
The 31-year-old goalkeeper and his teammates are preparing for the game against Diósgyőr this weekend. What boosts their confidence is that during the spring season matches the team performed quite well. “We were great against MTK, and we had better periods against Ferencváros as well. It's not a coincidence that we couldn't score from action. We'll travel to Diósgyőr at the end of the week, then we'll welcome Zalaegerszeg on Wednesday. These two matches are vital for us.”
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Translated by Vanda Orosz

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