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Marco Rossi: The last ten minutes is my fault

The Hungarian national football team won 1–0 against the Northern Ireland national team in Belfast with Roland Sallai's goal in the preparation match between the two teams on Tuesday. Hungary possessed the ball almost all the time, but it also took a huge feat from goalkeeper Dénes Dibusz to make the victory happen. Head coach Marco Rossi evaluated the game as follows:

Rossi: The last ten minutes is my fault (Photo: Miklós Szabó)


„We played two different games today: based on the first part, we deserved to win, but in the last ten minutes, we won thanks to Dénes Dibusz” Marco Rossi said at the post-match press conference. – I'm to blame because I substituted three players for the last ten minutes, so we lost balls, and we weren't that aggressive anymore. Other times in a game, in a situation like this, we have to play with a completely different attitude, we can't make so many mistakes. In the last ten minutes, we almost didn't possess the ball at all.”

He added that the team could have ended this match before that mentioned last period.

„After we took the lead, we had opportunities, but we didn't finish the actions and didn't shoot enough at the goal. We have to improve in that, we have to shoot more because even now we had two or three chances to decide the game.”

Nemzeti Sport asked him how he liked starter-for-the-first-time-in-the-Hungarian-national-team Callum Styles' game.

„I am satisfied with him. He receives the passes well, and the ball is safe with him. He's got a good mentality, and he's not afraid of anything. When I announce the squad, I'm always asked who and why I invite them, and others I don't. Because I'm the head coach, and it's my responsibility. I've watched so much more games in the last few years than ever before, so I know that everyone in the squad is aware of their abilities.”

He revealed he could not yet say if his team would be ready for the Nations League, which starts on June 4 against England.

„But we are going to meet ten days earlier than the official UEFA period, so we will have more time to prepare together.”


Northern Ireland–Hungary 0–1
Belfast, Windsor Park, 18 000 spectators. Referee: Harvey (Ireland)
NORTHERN IRELAND: Peacock-Farrell – Ballard (Hume, 82.), Cathcart, Brown – McNair, Davis (Saville, 60.), McCann, Lane (Dallas, 60.) – Whyte (Thompson, 68.), Magennis (Charles, in halftime), McGinn (Lavery, 68.)
HUNGARY: Dibusz – Orbán, Lang (Kecskés, 82.), Fiola – Négo (Bolla, 82.), Schäfer, Styles (Vécsei, 82.), Zs. Nagy – Sallai (Gazdag, 72.), Szoboszlai (Á. Nagy, 65.) – Á. Szalai (Ádám, 72.)
Goal scorer: Sallai (56.)


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