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Tamás Kiss was applauded in the Netherlands after his goal assist in Warsaw

Tamás Kiss made his debut for the national team in the World Cup qualifiers in November. He played first against San Marino and then assisted against Poland shortly after getting onto the pitch. The SC Cambuur winger was applauded by his clubmates after making a successful debut, but since he didn't play in the previous four league games, he is aware he needs to improve to stay in the Dutch topflight longer.


Tamás Kiss made his debut for the national team in the World Cup qualifier against San Marino and then assisted in his second game against Poland (Photo: Attila Török)


An assist in your second game for the national team. You can be pleased with your debut. How planned was the backpass to Dániel Gazdag against Poland?
– Obviously, it would have been even better if I could score a goal, but of course, the assist is also a great experience. In addition, the others and the staff welcomed me in the national team, it felt good to be among them – two-time national team player Tamás Kiss, who has been on loan from the Puskás Akadémia to SC Cambuur in the Netherlands since the summer, told Nemzeti Sport. – I looked up before the assist and saw Dániel Gazdag coming. I also sensed that, as usual, the defenders were protecting the goal and looking out for the short-moving center, Ádám Szalai, who made the defenders focus on him. That's why I passed back to Gazdag, who arrived empty in the second wave. I wouldn't say it's rehearsed, I'd rather put it this way: in a position like mine, a winger has to recognize opportunities like this, which, of course, required the excellent positioning of the teammates, too. Such situations show, for example, how important of a role Ádám Szalai plays in the team in the middle, in front of the goal, and how he can influence our attacks just even with his positioning.

How much does it matter for your club that you've been selected a national team player?
– SC Cambuur has advanced to the top tier this year. A Bulgarian U-team, as well as a Latvian and a Gabonese national team player arrived at the club, and I'm the fourth in this line. Most of my teammates are Dutch, and the national team seems quite far away for them because it is not easy to get into the Dutch national team even from PSV. They have so many stars in the various top leagues. After my introduction, several people sent me messages, and when I arrived back, our coach congratulated me in front of the others and the clubmates applauded me.


In connection with the coronavirus, there are also daily worrying news from the Netherlands about the cases increasing again and the protests against restrictive measures. We also asked Tamás Kiss what the footballers perceive from this.

Masks are mandatory indoors, restaurants close at 8 pm, and closed-door matches are held again from last week," said Tamás Kiss. "This is particularly detrimental to us because we have a very enthusiastic fanbase (the last time there were spectators at the match, 10,000 people saw Cambuur's home game – the author). For example, we had a closed-door match against Utrecht, but fans sneaked in. We even had to stop the match for a little while. They also threw smoke onto the pitch and indicated in every way possible that they were on our side. Then, at the request of our coach, of course, they left the stadium so that the match could continue. We have a very good relationship with our fans."

When are you going to be applauded again after a league game? You've made eight appearances in Eredivisie, you scored in the third match, but have only watched your team from the bench in the last four games.
– The team is in good shape because it has won its last three games and we have the same starting line-up in each of the games. Last week, against Utrecht, the plan was that I'd be a substitute in the second half, but after taking the lead after the break, we stopped changing forwards, and just two defenders came on. After the final whistle, our coach, Henk de Jong, said he regretted not being able to send me on the pitch but as a rookie team, every point is important to us and he didn't want to make a change because of the advantage, which is understandable. In my first game at PSV's home, when I made my debut in front of nearly twenty-five thousand spectators, I felt that this medium, the Dutch rhythm, was a big leap after NB I, but I was also a starter in the match against Twente, where my game was better, and I was replaced for tactical reasons only. In my third match, I managed to score as a substitute. It's not easy to get back in the team now after a good series, but I'm working hard, and mynext goal is to play through the 90 minutes.

What's the biggest change for you in the Netherlands compared to NB I?
– In the game, I'd say the pace is faster. It means there are no teams here that play defensive football who would agree on a goalless draw before the game. Here the teams fighting to stay in want to score goals, try to attack, play nice football, which is why there are a lot of goals in matches. The passes are tougher and more accurate, but our preparation is also different from what I'm used to at home. The toughest training session of the week for NB I teams was usually on Tuesday when they were four against four, five on five, or six on six games, and the second half of the week was already focusing on refreshing. Here in the Netherlands, however, there are training sessions of this type on Fridays also, just before the matches. It was hard to get used to in the beginning, but I know it serves my development. By the way, I had no problem with adapting, I speak English to everyone, and after a year I would like to speak Dutch, too. At the Puskás Akadémia, my Dutch teammates complained about how difficult our language is. I feel I will have an easier time with Dutch than they do with Hungarian.

Does that mean you're planning for the long term?
 – Yes. My loan agreement is until the summer, but I am working hard to be able to deliver a decisive performance and call the option of buying me as written in my loan agreement. I feel that I could improve a lot in the allows me to prove myself in the national team as well.

Translated by Vanda Orosz

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