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MLS: This is the most difficult time of my career so far – Szabolcs Schön

Szabolcs Schön, who has not played a single minute in the MLS season, spoke about being left out, his first match after a five-month break, upbringing, as well as the possibility of joining the national team in June.


Szabolcs Schön hopes that his time will come soon (Photo: Imago Images)


Why aren't you playing in Dallas?
– The head coach could give a substantive answer to this – Szabolcs Schön, the 21-year-old winger for Dallas in Major League Soccer (MLS), told Nemzeti Sport. – I hope my time will come soon.

But still, you were mostly a starter last season, but this season, you haven't played yet although eight rounds have passed in the league. What has happened to you and the team recently?
– The club changed coaches in the winter to strengthen the squad in the hope of reaching the playoffs. The management signed an American senior and an Argentine youth team winger, thus the competition to make the team increased. Although I completed the preparation and played regularly in the training matches, I was injured three days before the season opener on February 26. It didn't help me that I couldn't train for two weeks because of my calf injury, but the team got off to a good start. There's a lot of competition in my position, there are four wingers. Head coach Nico Estévez can scratch his head before each game about who to nominate as the starter. We are players with similar abilities, our speed is outstanding, we are efficient, and we can be counted on in the combinative play. You could say that, from my point of view, it's an unfortunate situation, but I can't do anything about it. I train hard to get a chance in the league. I'm focusing on my own tasks, but it's not easy for me to get into the starting line-up, obviously, it's easier for someone who has a chance in matches to show what he can do.

Have you spoken to Nico Estévez about your situation?
– I have, several times in the last two weeks. He told me that he was satisfied with my performance in training and asked me to continue with my usual attitude and it will bear fruit. He also revealed that in the last two consecutive league matches against Houston I was not brought on because after the equalizer, we switched from the 4-5-1 to the 5-4-1 formation, and he didn't want to risk anything.

Even if not in the MLS, you were able to prove yourself in a cup match last week.
– The performance was pretty good in the match won over Tulsa; I did my part in both of our goals: in the first, after my pass, a foul made on my teammate was worth a penalty, and in the second one, I assisted. The master saw that I was putting myself there, he was happy with my game.

You previously played in a World Cup qualifier against Poland on November 15. Did you feel long left out?
– It was difficult to play a stakes match after all this time; I needed ten or twenty minutes to get into the rhythm and let muscle memory do its job. Of course, a player doesn't forget in a few months how to play football, but in a serious situation, it is completely different from playing in training.

Does the contrast between your previous and current season wear you down?
– I've never had a problem with my confidence. I can miss out opportunities of any amount, dare to take on one-on-one situations, or if the situation so requires, I'll shoot at the goal. My performance against Tulsa and the feedback were good for my soul. It's still weird to talk about it; the world has changed a lot with me since last year. With my performance in MTK, I drew attention to myself, I could become a foreign player, I went to the European Championship, I played in the fall World Cup qualifiers, and everything went well in Dallas. However, this season, I have not yet been given a single minute in the league. I'm having a hard time with the situation, but I'm not the type to be offended or pouted by this, I accept my coach's decision. My job is to prove with more work to prove I am a better player than my rivals in my position.

It's great that you have that attitude...
– My parents raised me in a way that if I live through a period that is full of difficulties, then I should add more to them because perseverance will lead to results. I learned a lot about the Netherlands' mentality in Ajax's youth team, but I grew up in the spirit that we should never give up. It also helps that I can count on my family at any time, and my girlfriend also supports me during the most difficult time of my career so far. However, I also drew a lot from being a national team member in March.

But you did not play against Serbia and North Ireland, so you basically traveled for nothing.
– That's not how I experienced it. It was good to train with the others, to get caught up in the milieu characterized by the team, and it also meant a lot to meet my family. I feel that they're counting on me in the national team, head coach Marco Rossi is also interested in what's going on with me when I'm not in the squad.

How do you see it: will you become a member of the Nations League squad in June?
– I hope so, but I know I can be left out because of the lack of matches I played. My performance in the fall qualifiers does not count in the selection process if I do not play for my club. That is why I want to get into the game in Dallas as soon as possible so that the captain doesn't have any trouble counting on me.

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