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FTC: A real “Fradi” fan club was formed in my hometown – Laidouni

Aissa Laidouni took home fifty club jerseys as a gift; he likes melted raclette cheese from France, and wants to win two gold medals.


– You scored a winning goal during a preparation match against Estonia. What does a goal like this mean?
– A goal is always good for the soul – answered Aissa Laidouni, the 24-year-old midfielder of the Green and Whites, who arrived in Hungary in the summer. – The way my goal was celebrated showed that it was an important action, and it's always good for a player to net the ball. The most important thing is to catch the rhythm and further strengthen self-confidence even before and during the season. We played a particularly good-paced match against the Estonian national team. As we won all three preparation matches, it makes us optimistic about the future season.

– Are your legs moving more tiredly?
– Of course! This is completely normal in this case. This was an unusual training because we haven't arrived in Spain so long ago, and by the time we go back to Hungary, the league will start. Although the winter break wasn't too long, I still have to get back into the game.

He plays from the heart – Laidouni wishes for FTC success (Photo: Miklós Szabó)

– After the end of the National League in Hungary, you traveled back home to France.
– It was great to be home for a little. I mostly had to relax mentally. I tried not to think about football for days. We were after a tough period, the matches followed one another in the fall, and we had to do well not only domestically but internationally as well. I'm the type of person to whom it's great not to think about football for a few days. I know myself, and I distract my thoughts on purpose.

– Did you succeed?
– Absolutely. I grew up not far from Paris, in Montfermeil, and most of my friends and family still live there. They knew that I was going back home after the fall season, and they couldn't wait for my return. We had fun with friends and held big dinner with the family. 

– Do you have a favorite French meal?
– Nowadays I'm a fan of raclette. It's very simple to make, and it's also tasty. Everyone sits around the table, prepares delicious snacks for themselves according to their own taste and appetite, and the point is the melted fried cheese. As far as we are concerned, raclette is loved by everyone who is not the enemy of fried cheese and a good company.

– At the end of the season, you purchased 50 jerseys in the club's gift shop. Do they all have owners?

– Of course! Everyone was very happy, I would've taken some to my family anyway, and in the end all my buddies indicated they would also be happy with a green and white jersey with my name on it. I'm like it's better to give than to receive, so I went shopping extensively. The acquaintances at home have been following my career, I'm glad to be able to make them happy. I wanted to thank them for the love I've received from them in recent years. A real “Fradi” fan club has formed in my hometown. 

– You're now training in the sunny Marbella, then on Wednesday, you play the first spring match against DVTK in Hungary. Will it be difficult to restart playing in the league?
– I'm sure that we'll be ready by Wednesday. The first matches are always important, so it would be good to start with victory.  

– You've scored one goal in the Hungarian National League so far. Do you think it's enough?
– I was very happy for that one too. Due to my position, scoring a goal isn't my primary task. I will give my all in the spring, and because we want to win the National League and the Hungarian Cup, my goals could come in handy. I'm spending my first season in Hungary, and I want to return home to Montfermeil with two gold medals in the summer.

(Translated by Vanda Orosz) 

The jerseys reached the owners (Photo:
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