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Swimming: the real news is that I get defeated – Katinka Hosszú

On Wednesday, the first day of the Hungarian National Championships in Debrecen, Dalma Sebestyén defeated the world record holder, Katinka Hosszú, in the women's 200m medley by a hundredth of a second. After the competition, the three-time Olympic champion swimmer gave an interview for Nemzeti Sport about how she tries to see the positives of a defeat, and how she feels about the time passed since the Tokyo Olympics.


Katinka Hosszú achieved her expected result in the final (Photo: Péter Kovács)


 – Are you annoyed?
 – I'm not saying that it's not annoying to lose by a hundredth – replied Katinka Hosszú, who was defeated by Dalma Sebestyén by a hundredth of a second on the first day of the national championships in Debrecen.


"I was sick a week and a half before the national championships, but fortunately, I put myself together for the competition. I'm not sure which I'm happier about: the gold or that I defeated Katinka. This time I choose the latter because this is what makes my first place really valuable. But to beat her, I had to swim a good time," said the 200m medley champion.

 – It is also honorable that you have not yet turned your back on the world of swimming. It can be tiring to do the same thing for years.
 – It's been a while since I'm training differently now. I don't swim in as many events in races as before, so I thought about changing my training method. What's more tiring is that it's not like it used to be the years were passing by and I was bringing results. Now, I have to go back again to the classic sense of foundation that hasn't been needed for years.

 – You haven't competed since the Tokyo Olympics...
 – Right. And that's why I get really tired. After the Olympics, I took a long break, then I went upwards, then came the coronavirus infection. Afterwards, the foundation came again, we went to a training camp in Tenerife in January, and then I got sick again. This "I'll train a little bit and then I'll get sick again" is really tiring.

 – What's making you go forward?
 – I'd like to stop swimming when I think I've had enough of it.

 – I don't fully understand that... Are you tired of swimming?
 – No, but as I said, I am tired of the fight of continuously coming back from the bottom again. I am happy with this 2:12 time because that was my goal. A week ago, I swam 2:13 in Stockholm. This time, I started much stronger, which is why I didn't have enough energy in the end... But such a strong start is necessary. No one should think I'm sad, but it rather entertains me that I'm slowly making progress.

 – Doesn't it hurt you that everyone misses the old Katinka Hosszú?
 – Before the national championships, I decided to swim in four events only, so there is one for every day. I knew even before the race that this change would not be shocking to many, but I was aware that me losing would be the big news. It's not that bad, because it shows that I've won so many times that it's newsworthy to be beaten. But I also try to look at this situation positively and just think that for many it's basic that Katinka Hosszú competes in a lot of events and always wins. The world has changed: now I enjoy swimming only one event a day.

Translated by: Vanda Orosz


Kristóf Milák, Nándor Németh, and Szebasztián Szabó are the super trio in the 100m freestyle, but at the National Championships in Debrecen on Wednesday, the boys did not step on the block in their top condition. Milák was sick for a week during the training camp in Tenerife, while Nándor Németh struggled with the coronavirus (and its complications) for weeks, yet the two fought a good battle with each other, and Szabó followed them closely. But the point is that Milák won this time.
"I made the most of my current condition. I only focused on myself, and it worked. I had a good time in the water," said Kristóf Milák.

Kristóf Rasovszky proved himself in the men's 400 freestyle, and in the women's category of the same event, Ajna Késely became the champion – Péter Bernek's athlete overtook Bettina Fábián, who recently signed from Szeged to FTC, by seven hundredths of a second (!).

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