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If Rossi calls me, I'll come back – Schön left for the U.S.

Szabolcs Schön played his last league game at MTK on Thursday, and on Friday morning, he flew to Dallas to join his new team, FC Dallas. NSO Tv spoke to the 20-year-old winger after the match against MOL Fehérvár about his two years with the blue and whites, his development opportunities in the MLS, and whether he would travel home if Marco Rossi capped him for the Hungarian national team for the European Championship.



"Looking back at my first National League (NB I) game, I was afraid to collide; I felt like a fragile boy," said Szabolcs Schön who continues his career at FC Dallas. "Now, I know how to use my physical strength in my favor. Although I still don't have lots of muscle on me, I can make better use of what I have. I realized it is mind over matter, and I've improved in it this season, just like I did in the game that ended with 1-1. My thinking also got faster on the field because in the National League I don't have a lot of time to think about what to do with the ball, because the opponent will take it otherwise."

In our video, he also talks about how he considers the MLS to be an ideal league for his further development because unlike in previous years, American teams are now increasingly building on young players. Schön said he would like to return to Europe in two or three years to play for a top or Division 2 team.

Schön said that the coronavirus made his situation difficult because he had got the disease twice, which caused him to miss the European Under-21 Championship. He was pleased to have scored nine goals and assisted three times in his first NB I season. The winger left for Dallas on Friday and wants to make his debut for his new team next week.

He also responded to the question of whether he would travel back to Hungary from the United States if Marco Rossi invited him to the national team for the European Championship.

"I could fly home; the question is whether Marco Rossi will invite me in or not. I've been working all year to get as close as I can to the national senior team, and now I think I'm very close to it. If I don't get an invitation, even though I'll be disappointed, I won't lose any motivation.”

Did Szabolcs Schön make the right decision when he transferred to the MLS? Can he make his way from there to a European top league? We asked these MTK head coach Michael Boris who's worked with the 20-year midfielder for two years. He believes Schön can use his speed in the MLS, and the U.S. championship could be a good step in his career in which he can continue to improve.

Translated by Vanda Orosz


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